Meet Chopper Valley!
Teen Heartthrob!!

So, just who in the heck is this happy hunk of heart and head of horror? 

Well that heart throb is none other than Chopper Valley
Old Chop has been pal-ing and prowling around our haunts for the last 5 or 6 years. 
He's become something of a mascot, friend, and unwitting butt of a lot of bad humor.
Chopper was conceived as a prop in our Necrosis Valley Meats butcher shop haunt in 2011.

Chopper was designed to stand behind a remotely activated chop saw, butchering bodies in the smoke room. 
Obviously, the boy needed a name
And since he was, after all, running a chop saw, chopping meats, Chopper seemed like a good choice
It stuck - and was quickly coupled with "Valley," an obvious homage to our haunt namesake

A legend was born...errr...stapled and screwed together

C Valley has made a lot of people laugh - none more than the haunt staff
He seems to be the most amusing when he is the most mundane...

be it fishing

purchasing ice cream from the local truck

hanging out at football parties

tending bar

touring battlefields

edging the yard

makin' s'mores

or just grabbing the mail

Chopper has a growing fan base, as well as a twitter account, facebook page, and instagram account.

Yeah, he's inanimate, and dead for about 100 years, but he works hard, and plays harder

Everyone needs a buddy like the Chop

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