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Necrosis Valley's Incredibly suucessful 2015 haunt is in the books
If you missed
The Contagion
You won't want to miss 2016.
The Visionaries have begun the annual brainstorming for ideas
even as Winter settles hard in on us.
This year, we are serious about finding a good "Official Bar of Necrosis Valley,"
So if you know a proprietor who can take a joke in exchange for mad pub, let us know.
Meanwhile, bookmark the site and check back.
Hope to start some random intermittetn blogs again soon!

Media Alert!!
Necrosis Valley Team Honored by Town of Mount Airy - Mayor Awards Medal of Freedom...or something like that.

Major Coverage In Carroll County Times and Baltimore Sun October 27, 2015!!

Thanks to Everyone who helped!
Crazy Successful Haunt - Plenty of details below - so keep reading!

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Meet the Haunt Team

"Necrosis Valley Haunts" is the Friday night happy hour brainchild of Jeff Z. (right) and and Greg K. (left)

The 2015 "The Contagion" haunt is NVH's NINTH season and it promises to be the best by a long shot.

Planning for 2016 is underway so check back often!

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Behind the Scenes

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  • Haunt Staff - In Order of Support Provided

    Jeff "Jeef" Zolkiewicz, MFS
    Greg "Beef" Keller, MFS
    Jen Keller, Craft Services, Therapy Team, Cheerleading, Crowd Management
    Lisa Zolkiewicz, Tolerance Team, Craft Services, Team Travel Coordinator
    Ali Keller, Art (legit), build, props, Viral Media, actor, haunt stage manager
    Dylan Oehlke, Team "Ray Lewis", Art (legit), build, props, Print Media, Viral Media, actor
    Haley Keller, Build, actor, Public Relations Coordinator, motivational speaker
    Allie Zolkiewicz, Actor, Almond Joy coordinator
    Sam Zolkiewicz, Art (de minimus), Fashion experimentation, actor
    Patrick McGivern, MASSIVE SCARE Actor
    Elizabeth Firlie, Actor
    Lizzie Rose, Actor
    Aida Kebede, Actor
    Erin Swope, Actor
    Tori Prestianni, Actor
    Katie Biederman, Actor
    Sean McGivern, Actor
    Matt McGivern, External Heating and Ambience Team
    Leigh MGivern, Crowd Control
    Colleen McGivern, Crowd Control
    WebPage Visits MISTER HALLOWEEN Mr. Halloween

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